Increase the performance and extend the life time of your equipment in order to save cost.


  • Service engineer onboard
  • Full check of equipment
  • Replacement of components, if neccessary
  • Cleaning and adjustment
  • Upgrade of equipment
  • Onboard training of crew


  • Extends the lifetime of the equipment
  • Increases performance
  • Ensures a safe operation
  • Get the newest technology


  • Test of safety functions.
  • Clean internal tubes for soot (soot will reduce the performance considerably, 3mm of soot results in a heat loss of abt. 40%).
  • Oil supply line (filter etc).
  • Components check of the burner.
  • Spark Arrestor.
  • Check pressure settings.
  • Control of door gaskets and door isolation.
  • Cabling and wiring.
  • Check Eletrical heating elements.
  • Adjust the oil burner settings with exhaust gas analyser (if burner burning with to much air you can reduce loss up to 5 %).
  • Check burner plate and isolating ring.


  • Opportunities for upgrading to new burner for optimization of combustion.
  • Mounting of a fuel flow meter to control fuel consumption.
  • Retrofit turbulators in burner pipes for a higher efficiency (not possible for all models).
  • Retrofit with more electric elements in order to increase efficiency.
  • Upgrade of Control system with a 7″ touch, ready with modbus TCP communication.
  • Upgrades of older Saniterm and Kay Lindegaard Incinerators

Our Service engineer will bring along all the neccessary spare parts in order to be able to carry out the maintenance in just one visit!