Pyro Tank Heating System is a closed pressurized heating system for maritime installations based on thermal fluid (water) circulation and a working temperature up to 100° C. The working pressure is normally up to 2 Bar. The thermal fluid is heated by a heat exchanger, connected to the central heating system. This gives an opportunity to utilize ” green energy” from heat recovery system in RT-cooling system and/or exhaust gas economizer in the exhaust gas system. The heating elements in the tank is made of “small size” high performance heating coils with a capacity up to 200kW and are flanged to the tank close to the suction line for easy and fast mounting and dismantling. If the liquid in the tank is of high viscosity type, the pump connected to the tank may be used for internally circulation in the tank. This will give more effective heat exchanging.

The system is automatically controlled and monitored by a control system and can be interfaced to the main computer system (IAS). Manual control is standard features. The system comply with NOFO standard 2009 and Class notation OILREC.


Small size high performance coil. Capacity: 0-200kW.
Flange for welding to tank.