SAFE, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE heating creates optimum conditions on board, whether using a boat for professional purposes or pleasure and recreation. This has been the philosophy behind the design and production Of PYRO™ products for 50 years, and is one of the reasons why Ulmatec Pyro AS is now Norways leading manufacturer of fuel-fired boat heaters and other apparatus for maritime heating. In addition to interior heating, our heaters can also be used for cooking. This is the ideal combination for small boats with limited space.

All PYRO fuel-fired boat heaters have rustproof and heat-resistant burners, and are suitable for manual lighting. Fuel supply to the burner is regulated by an external oil regulator, which in addition to efficient fuel regulation also prevents too much fuel being supplied.

PYRO boat heaters are fitted with an electric fan for safe combustion air supply, with stepless velocity regulation mounted on the front of the heater. This makes it possible to find the right oil and air volume ratio for optimum combustion, and to reduce the risk of blowback in the flue pipe. A valve is fitted before the oil regulator which shuts off fuel supply in the event of a fault in the electrical system or high temperature.


Pyro™ Boat HeaterP21P22P15P24
Width (mm)280350350*285
Length (mm)480510540*490
Height to top plate (mm)290295345300
Width to top plate (mm)240330350275
Length to top plate (mm)39043054538
Hob diameter (mm)195
Railing height(mm)808510065
Flue collar external diameter (mm)63.563.563.563.5
Voltage (Volt DC)12 and 2412 and 2412 and 2412 and 24
Consumption (12V/24V)1.25 A / 0.71 A 1.25 A / 0.71 A 1.25 A / 0.71 A 1.25 A / 0.71 A
Weight (kg)20225015
Oil consumption (l/h) 0.12 to 0.54 0.12 to 0.54 0.18 to 0.66 0.12 to 0.54
FuelFuel oil no. 1 Fuel oil no. 1 Fuel oil no. 1 Fuel oil no. 1
Maximum output3400 kcal/h, approx. 4 kW 3400 kcal/h, approx. 4 kW 4800 kcal/h, approx. 5.5 kW 3400 kcal/h, approx. 4 kW

*Supplement for oil regulator 80 mm

P15, P22 and P21

Types P21 , P22 and P15 have external rustproof and heat- resistant material cladding, with cast iron top plate. This combination provides good heat radiation for cabin heating. Coil for hot water heating optional extra.

P24 has external cladding and hob plate in rustproof and heat- resistant material. The heater gives less heat radiation to the cabin, but more concentrated heat on the hotplates. Also available with heat exchangers for hot air circulation. See setup diagram, page 4.



Ulmatec Pyro AS produces most components necessary for a complete, safe exhaust solution. The parts numbers stated in the diagram refer to the following components:

E2831Flue pipe stay, 68 mm aluminium
E2825Flue cap, acid-resistant, Ø 68 mm
7340Flue pipe, Ø 68 x 1.5 mm, to order
E2826Roof flange, acid-resistant, Ø 63.5 mm
E2824Sub-flange, aluminium, Ø 68 mm
Es821-1Flat roof flange, ac-idresistant for welding around pipe


Diagram shows a standard 14 litre oil tank with cock and filter, item no. E2841. Oil installed with minimum 150 mm and maximum 3,000 mm vertical clearance from heater oil regulator.

Ulmatec Pyro AS also produces tanks to order.



Heaters P21, P22 and P15 are available with a coil for heating water. The arrangement shown is a wellproven system based on circulation of water volume in a 40 litre tank through the coil in the heater. Tap water is heated up and then pumped from the fresh water tank through a coil installed in the hot water tank.

Boat heaters P21, P22 and P15, arranged for hot water supply.


If general air circulation, point heating or transportation of hot air to other compartments is required, the P24 is available with a built-in solution for circulating hot air. An air heater can be mounted on the flue pipe for the P15, P21 and P22 models.

Boat heater P24, arranged for hot air circulation.