Ulmatec Pyro is a leading supplier and manufacturer of hot water heating equipment and Waste Energy Management System (WEMS) for recovery of engines surplus energy and cooling system for the marine industry.

Since the founding in 1951 we have with our customer’s feedback been developing from an equipment manufacturer to a complete system supplier.

The factory is located at Gamlem on the western coast of Norway, an area historically known for marine excellence and innovation.

All the products are being developed in the same building as they are produced. The close relationship between designers and production is the key to our products being well known for its quality and reliability.

Our skillful engineers and competent workforce at Pyro can offer complete Waste Energy Management Systems (WEMS), Waste Energy Recovery Systems (WERS) and other tailor made solutions for your vessels.

We are honored that more than 20 000 vessels in operation worldwide has chosen products from Pyro.